Security Operations

February 10, 2022

NIST guidance raises bar for federal software supply chain

The U.S. Government’s standards body issued guidelines for secure software development, with a call for close monitoring of federal software supply chains including analysis of compiled binaries
February 8, 2022

Microsoft disables Excel, Office macros by default. Will it matter?

Microsoft disabled two decades-old scripting languages in its Office products, long a favorite tool of cybercriminals. The security impact may be less than you think, however.
January 6, 2022

Here’s what happened with Log4Shell while you were out

ReversingLabs assists companies in mitigating software supply chain attacks and vulnerabilities like Log4Shell
December 15, 2021

Log4j is why you need an SBoM

The vulnerability is the most serious and widespread ever. It’s also an object lesson for why software publishers and their customers should embrace software bills of materials (SBoMs)
December 13, 2021

Get smart: Leverage threat intel to detect ransomware

Operationalizing high fidelity threat intelligence can help your organization short circuit emerging ransomware attacks. Here’s how
September 20, 2021

Expanding Security Visibility To Reduce Software Supply Chain Risk

No doubt about it, the way malicious actors attack their targets through software is changing