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November 18-21, 2019

CONVERGE 2019 (Tanium)

CONVERGE 2019 (Tanium)

Tanium's CONVERGE event empowers technology practitioners to achieve true visibility and control of their own IT environments, using modern architecture and tools built for this century. ReversingLabs is a proud partner with Tanium.

Join Brian Soldato, Director of Global Field Engineering at ReversingLabs, for his session Unknown Malware: Finding Destructive Objects in your Network to learn how automated static file analysis and file reputation integrations (specifically with Tanium) can help identify malicious threats within milliseconds, providing multiple levels of classification for full assessment and response. We will review various supporting case studies, discuss how to better attain overall risk visibility and what this all means for your IT Environment as we head into 2020.
Session Time: November 19, 2019  |  1PM EST