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June 18, 2020, 2:00 PM ET

Optimizing SOC Efficiencies

Ask me Anything Webinar - Optimizing SOC Efficiencies

How do you “load” file intelligence into SIEMs and other data lakes to support correlation and triage by Analysts using tools like Splunk?

Data loading to those consoles is fundamental for security practitioners to triage alerts, enrich intelligence, prioritize responses, automate operations, and achieve SOC efficiencies.

Only through an advanced file analysis platform that both delivers high velocity object analysis and threat classification, and performs data transformations on the fly for ease of consumption by analysts, can SOC processes be optimized and automated.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss and demonstrate:

How to analyze files in milliseconds vs hours
How to feed high quality detection alerts to your SIEM
How to automatically export malicious or suspect files to sample repositories or data lakes
How to bring new visibility (and transparency) about file risks into the SOC

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