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August 6, 2021

Digital Bulletin: Software supply chain security firm ReversingLabs raises $56m

ReversingLabs, which helps companies protect their software supply chains from cyberattacks, has completed a Series B worth $56m
August 5, 2021

VentureBeat: ReversingLabs raises $56M to combat software supply chain attacks

ReversingLabs has raised $56 million in series B funding led by Crosspoint Capital Partners with participation from ForgePoint Capital and Prelude
August 5, 2021

Helpnet Security: The destructive power of supply chain attacks and how to secure your code

Tomislav Peričin explains the latest and most destructive supply chain attacks, their techniques and how to build more secure apps
July 26, 2021

CSO: Why code reuse is still a security nightmare

Despite best efforts to track software dependencies, blind spots still exist leading to silent vulnerabilities in software.
July 26, 2021

Android Headlines: Chrome On Windows Account Recovery Tool Caught Stealing Passwords

Reversing Labs reached out to the npm security team on July 2 about the problem presented by the packages in question
July 26, 2021

Tom's Guide: Password-stealing malware hidden in open-source software - what to do

A widely used repository is infected with hidden malware