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November 17, 2020, 12:00 PM ET

Stopping Threats Like Ryuk Before It’s Too Late

Stopping threats like Ryuk before it’s too late
Pivoting to discover related attacks

Ransomware isn’t going away. Many ransomware families have changed their tactics and victim-targeting in recent years. Rather than indiscriminate attacks against anyone they’re able to infect, they have moved to a process called “big game hunting”. The reality is many organizations simply don’t have the capabilities to find or remediate the threat in time. With the FBI reporting attackers generating over $61 million dollars from the Ryuk family alone we can be sure the evolution will continue.

Security teams are under increased pressure to build more effective solutions which includes the ability to proactively hunt for new attacks. In this webinar we will discuss the ways threats like ransomware operate and act as a conduit for other forms of attacks. We’ll discuss:

 The current state of Ransomware and how it is becoming more targeted
 How to use the A1000 to hunt for threats using YARA
 How to bring new visibility about file risks into your SOC process
 How to apply this new intelligence on Ryuk to actively update your defenses


Chris Hoff, Product & Solution Marketing Manager at ReversingLabs
Robert Simmons, Independent Malware Researcher and Threat Researcher at ReversingLabs