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Jun 23, 2021, 1:00 PM ET

Take Your Threat Hunting Program to the Next Level with a Malware Lab

Take Your Threat Hunting Program to the Next Level with a Malware Lab

Simply stated, Threat Hunting is Mandatory! The challenge up until this point has been getting all the pieces together, enabling certain levels of automation at scale, and actually committing time to understanding adversaries well enough to stay ahead of attacks. The new ReversingLabs Malware Lab solves these problems by providing a purpose-built solution that has fully integrated your most significant analysis capabilities along with the infrastructure to support your needs. A solution that maintains a fully normalized dataset representative of your entire binary environment available for analysis, supports access to the world’s largest curated repository of goodware & malware, and provides an investigative platform to search, pivot, and actually hunt for threats even if they’ve been lying dormant for months.

In this session, we’ll discuss:
• What fundamental requirements are needed to support the art of Threat Hunting.
• How the your Malware Lab is built and tuned for Threat Hunting.
• How high-trust curated intelligence feeds can either be consumed or pushed from your Malware Lab.
• How you can collaborate easily with other Analysts, particularly those in the SOC, to reduce MTTD/MTTR.
• And how you can augment SOC, Cyber Risk and Infrastructure teams in developing processes to reduce MTTD/MTTR as well as establish more defensible positions quickly.